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Welcome to ISG Jubail

Dr. Andrew Crouse, ISG Jubail PrincipalDear interested viewers,

Thank you for accessing our website and considering ISG Jubail as your school of choice. Enjoy browsing our ISG-Jubail website. We sit on the East Coast of Saudi Arabia in a small industrial town, by the unique name of Jubail. Jubail is one of seven schools that link hands to form International Schools Group throughout Saudi Arabia. Our purpose is outlined in our Mission Statement: We inspire innovation and compassionate action! We strive to live our mission and make decisions guided by what we say, what we value and what we stand for.

In Jubail we strive for academic excellence with a focus on the whole child as well as their emotional and social well being. Our commitment to learning is resolute and our adherence to 21st century practices combined with proven effective programs of study allow us to deliver a world class education to our students. As with all quality schools and committed educators throughout the world, we are never satisfied with the status quo. We can always continue to learn and improve on what we do. It is our mission as teachers and learners to always strive for professional growth and seek new knowledge.

Our school is embarking on a path that will set us apart from the other schools in the region as we strive to provide a dynamic educational experience for our students. Our commitment to the IB Diploma Program is steadfast, and our efforts to create a diverse educational experience is resolute. We continue to move forward as an institution by striving for growth in the following areas, as an independent school ISG Jubail, and as ISG District, comprised of seven school within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ISG Jubail areas for growth:

  • Curriculum development
  • A commitment to professional excellence
  • Personalized approach to learning

ISG Target for Accreditation for Growth (Middle States Association):

  • Commitment to student agency
  • A commitment to pervasively increase literacy achievement
  • To foster compassionate action
  • System coherence

With the recent implementation of Readers and Writers Workshop, the enhancement of Math Practices by utilizing the Engage New York program, ardent knowledge of NGSS standards for science and the C3 framework for Social Studies and History, we are confident that our faculty can creatively synthesize standards into authentic experiences for our students. This combined with a commitment to the excellence in the arts, athletics and health/wellness, contributes to our programs, thus, further enhancing our students experiences. Complement these elements in the equation with a strident commitment to the students’ social and emotional personal growth, and we are able to complete the experience for our families.

We encourage you to peruse our website if you are an interested, student, parent or employee. Jubail is a wonderful place to, work, live and enjoy life. ISG Jubail is a slightly hidden gem and a rewarding location to grow personally and professionally. Thank you for visiting our site.

Warm regards,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Biography)
Principal/Head of School


Our Mission

We inspire innovation and compassionate action.

We Believe

...our resources provide opportunities for all students to achieve their highest potential.
...international mindedness is an important characteristic to develop in our students.
...in lifelong learning.
...in the education of the whole child: academically, socially, creatively and physically.
...technology is a critical learning tool.
...our educational goals are clearly defined and our outcomes are measurable and attainable.
...a safe and supportive learning environment is critical to student achievement.
...educational success requires a partnership between students, parents and educators.
...literacy and numeracy are fundamental building blocks for learning.
...learning occurs best in context and when connected to previous experiences.

Latest News

Graduate Profile Rubrics

The links to the Graduate Profile for KG2 - Grade 12 with rubrics as shown on the report cards:

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